Planned Giving

Without the generous support of its benefactors, Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust would not be able to continue its important mission of preserving and protecting our open space while working to educate our younger generations to truly appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and to be good stewards of our natural resources.

Lifetime Gifting
Your tax deductible gift to Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust helps preserve and promote the unique work of so many volunteers whose active involvement provides opportunities for all of us to enjoy. Your gift will help preserve our vital open spaces; ensure that educational opportunities are available to young people and adults alike; and ensure that Flanders will always be active in the community to steward open space and increase awareness of land conservation and environmental sustainability. To make an immediate gift to Flanders, click here.

Gifting Through Your Estate Plan
Including Flanders in your estate plan is a wonderful way of creating a legacy for future generations. Gifts through your will, trust, retirement account or life insurance can offer tremendous estate and income tax benefits to your estate while helping Flanders to continue fulfilling and enhancing its mission. In general, charitable bequests or gifts are deductible for estate tax purposes, both state and federal. There are a number of ways to give to Flanders through your estate plan:

      A Direct Bequest Through Your Will or Trust
      Gifts of Real Estate
      Charitable Trusts
      Retirement Accounts
      Life Insurance

Any gift, either during your lifetime or at your death should be considered in the context of your estate plan. Thus, your consultation with your attorney and tax advisor is vital. If you have any questions regarding these opportunities, you, your attorney or your financial planner may contact Flanders by calling Arthur Milnor at (203) 263-3711, extension 13. We would be happy to work with you in determining the plans which best meet your needs and desires.

A Direct Bequest Through Your Will or Trust
The easiest and most direct route for a gift to Flanders at your death is through your will or trust. We have included language below to assist your attorney in properly designating Flanders as a beneficiary under your will or trust. If you have a specific purpose in mind for your charitable bequest, please contact us for the appropriate wording to be incorporated in your estate plan.

General Bequest:
I give and bequeath the sum of $_______ to the Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust, Inc., of Woodbury, Connecticut, for its general use and purposes.

Specific Purposes:
If you designate a particular purpose for your gift, such as the furtherance of our educational programs, please consider the following language which will help us respond to changing circumstances:
      If, in the future, it is the opinion of the Board of Directors of Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust, Inc. that all or a portion of this fund cannot be satisfactorily applied to its given purpose, it is my intent that it may be used for any related purpose which the Board of Directors may direct by resolution.
For more information, call Arthur Milnor at (203) 263-3711, extension 13.

Gifts of Real Estate
Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust is always prepared to consider your gift of real property. For those who own properties which abut our current holdings, we would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss means by which we can continue your legacy, preserving open space for future generations.

Retained Life Estate — Give your home, but continue to live there You can make a gift of your primary residence or vacation home to Flanders, while retaining the right to use the property for your lifetime. You continue to manage the property, pay the taxes, and even receive any income it may produce. But, because you have already made a gift of the property by deed, it will not be included in your probate estate, possibly saving unnecessary expenses and delays.
For more information, call Arthur Milnor at (203) 263-3711, extension 13.

Charitable Trusts
Charitable Remainder Trusts
— Make a gift and still retain an income. A Charitable Remainder Trust (“CRT”) is a great way to make a gift and retain an income from your assets. A CRT can be structured to produce a consistent income for you or your designated beneficiaries for either a term of years or for the lifetime of a designated beneficiary. At the end of the term or at the death of the designated beneficiary, the trust assets will pass to Flanders, allowing us to continue our vital work.
      A CRT can be funded with cash, appreciated securities, real estate, or even tangible property. Currently, the gift to a CRT could help you avoid capital gains tax, in situations where the trust sells the assets to reinvest for higher income. There are also income tax deductions available because of the charitable nature of the gift.

Charitable Lead Trust – Benefit Flanders now and benefit your fmily later A Charitable Lead Trust (“CLT”) allows our benefactors the opportunity to make gifts to Flanders over a period of years. It is particularly appropriate for those who own assets which are appreciating in value, while still producing income. In addition to the gift to Flanders during the term of the trust, the donor can ensure that their property will ultimately pass to their loved ones.
      Income-producing assets and/or cash are placed in a CLT for a term of years, with the income directed to Flanders. At the end of that time, the CLT will terminate and the property will pass to your designated beneficiaries. The CLT can be an effective means of reducing or eliminating gift and estate taxes on property that your family otherwise might have to sell to pay these taxes.
For more information, call Arthur Milnor at (203) 263-3711, extension 13.

Retirement Accounts
Retirement Assets — A tax efficient estate planning strategy
Did you know that you can use your retirement plan assets to make a gift to Flanders? Often, using these funds can be an effective estate planning strategy. Retirement plans, including IRAs, Keoghs, 401(k)s and nonqualified deferred compensation may be subject to income, Federal and state estate taxes, and even excise taxes when plan holders die. These taxes can consume a majority of the value in those plans, making retirement plans one of the less beneficial assets to leave your family but one of the best vehicles for giving to Flanders.
      In fact, most donors will still choose to make their bequests with funds from their IRAs and other retirement plans for an important reason. Even with a reduced or eliminated estate tax, income taxes will still have to be paid on the retirement funds passed down to your children. By gifting these funds to Flanders while directing other assets to your family, your estate may receive significant tax benefits while helping to ensure that Flanders can continue its vital mission.
For more information, call Arthur Milnor at (203) 263-3711, extension 13.

Life Insurance
We all know that our need for life insurance changes with time. You may still have life insurance policies which were initially designed to ensure that your children would be taken care of when they were younger, or cover certain expenses such as a mortgage or college education, in the event of your death. This life insurance coverage may no longer be needed for the reason it was initially purchased. Rather than simply allowing the policy to lapse, consider assigning the policy to Flanders, creating a significant gift in the future, funded with your continued payment of the premiums.
      Your attorney or tax advisor can show you ways to claim charitable income tax deductions for the premium payments or exclude the proceeds from estate tax, all while benefiting Flanders and its important mission!

EXAMPLE: John and Jane Donor have a $500,000 policy which they purchased when their children were very young. Now that their children are grown and they are otherwise financially settled, their need for life insurance has dwindled. They realized that the $2,000 annual premium could be put to better use by reinvesting the money, rather than paying the premium.
      Instead, the Donors have decided to make a gift of the policy to Flanders, choosing to make an annual gift of the premium amount. At their passing, the proceeds will likely be excluded from their taxable estate and Flanders can enjoy the benefits of the insurance proceeds.

For more information, call Arthur Milnor at (203) 263-3711, extension 13.

To make a monetary donation to Flanders, please click here.

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