The Beekeepers Workshop

This class will be a “hands on” assembly of a Langstroth bee hive. Participants will help to wire the frames and learn how to embed the pure bees wax foundation. In addition a discussion on suggested finishes for the hive and hive placement will be covered.
Date/Time:Sunday, April 6 / 3 PM
Location: The Sugar House
Cost: $12 members/ $17 non members. Materials will also be available for purchase to assemble a beehive in the same Langstroth style at the cost of $56. Material purchase is not required for class.
To download a flyer click here.

Composting Workshop

The benefits of composting are many, from reducing solid waste to producing a gardener’s “black gold”. Master Composter, Mary Jane Tynan, will be holding a workshop where she will be offering a comprehensive and in-depth look at compost and composting. Participants will learn about vermicomposting which utilizes Esenia fetida, a popular composting worm which efficiently eats household waste turning it into a valuable soil amendment.
Date/Time:Monday, April 7 / 7 PM
Location: The Studio
Cost: $12 members/ $15 non members

Needle Felting Workshop

Rachel Gerowe of Redbarn Originals will lead a class on needle felting an an easy-to-learn craft that involves using a barbed needle to sculpt wool. In this class, students will be creating sculptures of rabbits.
Date/Time:April 11 /7- 9PM
Cost:$35 includes materials to make one rabbit in class and one at home; $30 for those bringing their own needles and foam.
Location:The Studio

Mozzarella Cheese Making Class

For All
Learn the step-by-step process for making homemade mozzarella cheese and join us for homemade cheese pizza.
Date/Time:Friday, April 11/ 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Cost:$12 members/ $17 non members
Location:South Farm House Kitchen
To download a flyer, click here.

Movie Viewing of “More Than Honey”

We invite the community to a viewing of the film, “More than Honey. The film focuses on the plight of the honey bee colonies of which millions over the past 15 years have been decimated for reasons still unknown, and how this impacts our food supply. The evening concludes with a question and answer period with a panel of experts Guests will learn more about honeybees, pollination, Colony Collapse Disorder, honeybee-related legislative activities, beekeeping information, and how to create pollinator friendly homes and landscapes.
Dates/Times: Saturday, April 12 / 7 PM
Cost:Cost: $5/ person donation suggested
Location: The Studio
To download a flyer click here.

For All

Bluebird Nest Box Building

For All
In this class you will learn all about Eastern Bluebirds and then build your own nest box to take home to help attract them to your yard!
Date/Time:Sunday, April 13/ 3 PM
Cost:$25 members/$30 non-members
LocationThe Sugar House
To download a flyer click here.

April Vacation Day Camp!

For Kids
Kids in kindergarten through 5th grade can enjoy a week filled with fun and discovery! Each day will bring a different learning adventure. On Monday kids can try their hand at being a farmer for the day helping with “farm chores” like feeding the sheep, goats, horse and pigs and collecting eggs from the chickens. They will plant seeds and enjoy a hayride around the nature center. On Tuesday the focus will be baby animals. Kids will get the chance to meet the newest Flanders spring arrivals of chicks, lambs, kids and bunnies and then hike the trails to discover newborns in nature. Water will be the theme for Wednesday and Friday when there will be hikes to the pond, marsh and brook to discover and “catch and release” the wonderful world of watery wildlife they will find there. Thursday is all about Fairies, Fairy Houses and Magic! They will explore the forest, build fairy houses and participate in Fairy stories, art, crafts and surprises.
Dates/Times:Monday, April 14 – Friday, April 18 /9AM - 4PM
Cost:$35 members per day/ $40 non-members per day
LocationThe North Barn
To download a flyer click here.

Knitting Workshops

For All
The last in a series of Sunday afternoon knitting “workshops” is being held on Sunday, May 4 (note change) from 2 to 4PM at The Studio. All levels of knitters are invited and welcomed to bring a project, enjoy each other’s company and share ideas and experiences. For those new to knitting, information and instruction will be offered to get you started on this rewarding and creative hobby. Tea and cookies will be served.
Date/Time:Sunday, May 4 (note update) /2-4PM
Cost:A suggested donation of $5 per session
LocationThe Studio

Winter Hike and Hiking Group

For All
Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust has 2,000 acres of open space properties in our community and offers countless trails for hiking and witnessing natural beauty. We are looking for people interested in starting a hiking group. Whether you want to hike for better fitness, to lose weight, to make new friends or to connect to the natural world, come join Flanders naturalist Ms. Dianne to explore Flanders’ properties and hike together! Please call for more information on the hiking group or to register for the April hike.
Date/Time: Sunday, April 27 /2PM
Location The South Farm House
Cost: Free
To download a flyer click here.

“Owl Prowl”

For All
Our area has many resident owls. Join us for an “owl prowl” with naturalist Russ Naylor to learn facts and the history of the nocturnal winged wonder! Bring a flashlight for an evening hike and search for owls. Whoooo knows what we may find!
Date/Time: Sunday, April 27 /7PM
Location The Sugar House
Cost:$12 members/ $17 non-members
To download a flyer click here.


Flanders Bee-Ginnings Workshops

Flanders invites you to join our Bee-ginnings Bee School for hands on experience with honey bees. The Bee-ginning workshops promote the importance of pollinators and provide an opportunity for participants to learn all about keeping honey bees. Monthly meetings from January - November with Kevin Barry, an experienced local beekeeper who will offer educational opportunities to monitor hives during the entire season.
Friday, April 25 / 7PM Cost:$75 members/ $100 non-members covers all of the workshops for the year.
To download a flyer of the entire list of ongoing workshops through November 2014, click here.

Flanders Land Management Committee Seeking Volunteers!

For All
The Land Trust side of Flanders' mission involves the stewardship/management of roughly 2000 acres made up of 50 properties of protected open space, with six of the larger parcels having trail systems. Our small, but dedicated group is in real need of volunteers who would like to be a part of supporting this mission in some way!

The tasks we need help with are varied, from walking and/or working in the woods to less physically demanding ones which might include the organizing of education and recreation programs, or helping with the paperwork that goes along with the management of our protected lands. Whether it is a few hours or several hours that you are able to commit to we can use you and will have no problem tailoring tasks to your interests and talents! Having more committed volunteers will make a real impact in what we are able to accomplish and we are certain that you will find it rewarding and fun as well. Please contact Land Management Committee Chair Geoff Whan to talk more about how you and your family might be able to help! gwhan@charter.net.

Catalog of Natalie Van Vleck Artwork For Sale

In the Natural State: The Nude in the Art of Natalie Van Vleck The first color catalog of the artwork of Natalie Van Vleck (1901-1981), founder of Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust, published Summer 2004, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, twelve pages, twenty-one illustrations in color, and an essay on the art of Natalie Van Vleck, by curator of the exhibition, Marc Chabot.
Cost:$10 each
Please call 203-263-3711 Ext. 10 to order catalog and/or poster

Own a Poster of a Natalie Van Vleck Painting

Flanders is offering for sale a 11" x 17" full-color poster of a painting by Flanders founder Natalie Van Vleck , titled ">Flanders"White Salt Box House and Red Barns, Woodbury". The poster reproduces her original 30” x 36” oil on canvas painted in her studio at Flanders in 1929.
Cost:$5 each
Please call 203-263-3711 Ext. 10 to order catalog and/or poster

Flanders’ Fabulous Summer Series 2014 Now Open for Registration!

Do you want more than just a traditional “day camp” for your child this summer? Are you searching for a summer experience that will open your child’s eyes to the wonders of the natural world? Flanders’ popular Summer Series is the answer. On a 200-acre campus of forest, field, farm and pond, children learn about nature, art, agriculture and ecology in a healthy and stimulating outdoor environment. You’ll want to enroll your child in the morning, lunchtime garden and afternoon sessions, all summer long for full days of Flanders fun! But hurry, summer sessions fill up quickly!
Click here to register today! Click here to download a flyer.

ASAP (After School Arts Program) will be holding an Art and Nature Week at Flanders from June 23rd through June 27th for students ages 6 – 12, offering their students the opportunity to be inspired by the outdoors. Campers will learn different hand building clay techniques, study plants grown from their own gardens which can be used to make natural dyes, dye t-shirts and fabric, draw and paint in fields and forests, and simply take time to explore the nature center, build, and just be outside.
Click here (opens a new window) for more information.

Explore Flanders After School | For children ages 5 to 10
Flanders offers after-school programs that connect science, nature, farming and art on Flanders' 200-acre campus. Classes meet Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/ or Thursdays. Bus transportation is available from Bethlehem and Mitchell Elementary Schools. To register, call (203) 263-3711 Date/Time:Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays / 3:15 - 5:30 pm.
Location:Flanders Studio
Cost: Costs per class: Bethlehem Elementary school students $14 members / $19 nonmembers; Mitchell Elementary school students $10 members / $15 nonmembers. Extended care until 6PM $5 per class.
To register, call (203) 263-3711, or download registration forms here:
Mitchell School flyer and registration
Bethlehem School flyer and registration

Pre School Programs

Outdoor Rangers | For children ages 3 to 5
Explore the forest, fields and ponds at Flanders 200-acre campus. Stories, hikes, crafts and games are all part of the fun, encouraging young children to learn about nature! Call 203-263-3711 to register Date/Time:Mondays and Tuesdays/ 9-11:30AM or 12:30-3PM
Location:Trail House
Cost: $20 members / $27 nonmembers per class.
To download a flyer click here.

Be Smart With Art | For children ages 3 to 5
Discover the amazing world of art! Connecting science, nature and art, children get ready to paint and create a masterpiece. Call 203-263-3711 to register Date/Time:Wednesdays and Thursdays/ 9-11:30 am or 12:30-3 pm.
Location:Trail House
Cost: $20 members / $27 nonmembers per class.
To download a flyer click here.

Flanders Story Time/For Young Children accompanied by an adult
One Friday per month /9:30-10:30AM Trail House. One Friday per month /9:30-10:30AM at the Trail House. Flanders invites you to join us for exciting story time adventures. Topics are designed to encourage young children (and adults) to explore nature, discover art and learn about farming together. Live animal demonstrations, specimens to observe and touch, nature walks and crafts are all part of investigating the great outdoors! Mom’s Groups, play dates and day cares welcome! Cost per session: Free for Flanders members/$5 nonmembers. This month the group meets on Friday, April 25th. The topic will be baby animals and kids will be able to meet our new chicks and if the timing is right our new spring lamb arrivals! Please call 203-263-3711 to register so that we will have enough material for every child to participate.
Date/Time:Friday, April 25/ 9:30-10:30AM
Location:Trail House
Cost:Free for Flanders members/$5 nonmembers per session..
To download a flyer click here.

To register for any programs, call 203-263-3711.



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